Cache An interface for a cache keyed by a String with a byte array as data. 
Network An interface for performing requests. 
Request.Method Supported request methods. 
RequestQueue.RequestFilter A simple predicate or filter interface for Requests, for use by cancelAll(RequestFilter)
RequestQueue.RequestFinishedListener<T> Callback interface for completed requests. 
Response.ErrorListener Callback interface for delivering error responses. 
Response.Listener<T> Callback interface for delivering parsed responses. 
RetryPolicy Retry policy for a request. 


Cache.Entry Data and metadata for an entry returned by the cache. 
CacheDispatcher Provides a thread for performing cache triage on a queue of requests. 
DefaultRetryPolicy Default retry policy for requests. 
ExecutorDelivery Delivers responses and errors. 
NetworkDispatcher Provides a thread for performing network dispatch from a queue of requests. 
NetworkResponse Data and headers returned from performRequest(Request)
Request<T> Base class for all network requests. 
RequestQueue A request dispatch queue with a thread pool of dispatchers. 
Response<T> Encapsulates a parsed response for delivery. 
VolleyLog Logging helper class. 


Request.Priority Priority values. 


AuthFailureError Error indicating that there was an authentication failure when performing a Request. 
NetworkError Indicates that there was a network error when performing a Volley request. 
NoConnectionError Error indicating that no connection could be established when performing a Volley request. 
ParseError Indicates that the server's response could not be parsed. 
ServerError Indicates that the server responded with an error response. 
TimeoutError Indicates that the connection or the socket timed out. 
VolleyError Exception style class encapsulating Volley errors